Health Club & Spa

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Please note our gym is now open - please see timings below. The Pool is now open but the spa facilities remain closed. We will update you shortly.

We do our utmost to maximise the enjoyment of your stay, which is why we provide you with access to an array of spa treatments for a whole host of occasions, from relaxing spa breaks to hen weekends. The Brook Mollington Banastre is a perfect choice for a spa experience in the Chester countryside.

Our expert spa therapists use and excellent product range in your treatment. These products have been carefully selected and formulated to combine the therapeutic benefits of spa treatments, aromatherapy, and skin care.

You will benefit from deeply relaxing and de-stressing oils, revitalising seaweeds and nature's finest ingredients to achieve outstanding holistic results on the face, body and mind.

Visiting the gym
Gym opening hours will be changing to the following. This is due to the reduced number of team members, but also the lower levels of gym occupancy allowed. 
Monday 8am – 12pm/4pm – 8pm
Tuesday 8am – 12pm/4pm – 8pm
Wednesday 8am – 12pm/4pm – 8pm
Thursday 8am – 12pm/4pm – 8pm
Friday 8am – 12pm/4pm – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 8pm
All hours are subject to change.


Please note: Do not disclose any personal or payment information in your request